The AMV is a non-profit organization that


 Promotes the development of research on Animal Biology, Histology, Embryology and Veterinary Anatomy and disciplines  related to them

 Promotes and organizes conferences, events and training courses, both nationally and internationally

 Publishes scientific papers, books and materials aimed at the enhancement and dissemination of research and development activities of the Association



From 2013 the Association has started a collaboration with Annals of Anatomy (Anatomischer Anzeiger), one of the most prestigious international journals of Anatomy, for the biannual publication of a Special Issue an animal anatomy that collects articles from the contributions presented at the AMV Congress. Papers undergo a regular peer review process and are published together with the abstracts of the conference contributions.


Ann Anat Special Issue Animal Anatomy I (2014)


Ann Anat Special Issue Animal Anatomy II (2016) - in preparation


 Promotes discussion and debate on issues related to the teaching of the disciplines mentioned above

 Promotes the exchange of knowledge in the scientific and cultural community and, in particular, the contacts between people, organizations, institutions and Italian and international companies operating in the field of morphological studies on animal organisms