The AMV was founded in 1995 with the aim to gather together and offer opportunities of discussion to  all those who, in the Italian universities and research institutions, are engaged in the study and teaching of morphological disciplines inside the broader scientific field of the biomedical and veterinary disciplines.

Currently, the AMV has about a hundred members and we are honoured to have had among us Prof. Robert Barone, one of the founding fathers of the Veterinary Anatomy that unfortunately died a few years ago. The AMV has close relations with the Italian Society of Anatomy and Histology (SIAI) and closely cooperates  with the European Association of Veterinary Anatomists (EAVA). Right now the AMV is honoured to have among its members the EAVA President, Prof. Francesco Abbate. With the EAVA our Association is working on the statute for the establishment of a European College of Veterinary Anatomists aimed at improving the level of training of the professors involved in the teaching of the anatomical disciplines, in their broader definition.


Honorary Members AMV: Gaetano Vincenzo Pelagalli - President AMV 2000-2003, Giovanni Germaną - President AMV 2008-2011










President: Prof. Ruggero Bortolami

Vice-president: Prof. Gaetano Vincenzo Pelagalli

Secretary-Treasurer: Prof. Rino Panu

Proff. Emilia Ciriaco, Anna Maria Gargiulo, Giovanni Palmieri



President: Prof. Gaetano Vincenzo Pelagalli

Vice-president: Prof. Giovanni Palmieri

Secretary-Treasurer: Prof. Luisa Bo Minelli

Proff. Giovanni Germana, Piero Ceccarelli, Saverio Maria Peirone



President: Prof. Giovanni Palmieri

Vice-president: Prof. Giovanni Germaną

Secretary-Treasurer: Prof. Ferdinando Gazza

Proff. Antonio Lauria, Maria Luisa Lucchi, Maria Paola Ricciardi



President: Prof. Giovanni Germaną

Vice-president: Prof Adalberto Merighi

Secretary-Treasurer: Prof: Rino Panu

Proff. Bruno Cozzi, Gregorio De Metrio, Gaetano Scala



President: Prof. Adalberto Merighi

Vice-presidente: Prof. Paolo De Girolamo

Secretary-Treasurer: Dr.ssa Maddalena Botti

Proff. Giuliana Gargiulo, Michele Langella, Francesco Mascarello



Statutory auditors (2007)

Proff. Cinzia Domeneghini, Giovanna Lalatta

Proff. Emilia Ciriaco, Bruno Cozzi, Cinzia Domeneghini